High Intensity Interval Training – Good or Bad?

High intensity interval training is basically alternating between a period of high intensity activity, say for 5-60 seconds, and then recovering in-between each set, typically by walking, for a period of time. Yes, these workouts can be very effective at increasing your performance AND your health.

They can even increase your aerobic capacity – though they are primarily very anaerobic workouts. Despite the aerobic benefits, continued implementation of these types of workouts over time will break you down; your immune system, your hormonal system – all the systems of your body will all suffer. Additionally, oxidative stress (free radical damage) occurs with anaerobic excess and that can lead to premature aging and many diseases, such as autoimmune diseases and cancer.

If you are a beginner or intermediate trainee and your trainer is telling u to do HIIT  then he is wrong…


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