Personal trainer assessing a client's goals an...

Prashant Mistry, young energetic 29 yr personal fitness trainer has all that it takes to be there…having trained many celebs in the past he is currently training Sarah Jane former miss India, Sana Pancholi and some top industrialists to name a few..

Prashant posses a diverse background having established a track record of of providing dynamic exercise programes specifically designed to meet indiviual clients..

To his credit are certifications from Domestic as well as the best of the International Institutes to name a few:




Prashant gives personalised workouts  with different kinds of trainings like Power YogaBoot Camp, Strength Training, Functional Training, Motor fitness Training & Kick Boxing to suit each clients personality & goals so training does not become a boring mundane task instead its so much fun that clients actually look foward to their next session..

His passion for health & fitness teamed with his education & wealth of experience, Prashant is able to provide safe & effective exercise programes that achive great results for his clients..

It is a proven fact that overcoming physical challanges helps develop inner strength and Prashant knows just how to bring out that inner strength in his clients…

Whether ur a busy mom or a crunched executive struggling hard to find time to keep fit, Prashant has such dynamic energy that its enough to motivate you to get hooked to his training sessions..

Be it burning off  stubborn fat or tightening & toning muscles or increasing strength or getting dat six pack your goals are achieved giving you advanced knowledge of how to maintain for life…



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