Myths & Facts

Myth-Doing ab crunches makes ur tummy flat…

Fact– We already have ab muscles …all we have to do is remove the layers of fat…proper diet,proper exercise & rest can get u the desired results…

Myth– Doing only cardiovascular training makes u lean…

Fact– doing only cardio makes u lose body weight on the scale but u also drop muscle mass besides the fat..moderate weight traning combined with cardio can bring terrific body toning..helping lose more fat and keep it off for long

Myth– Going on a zero carb diet is good for losing weight…

Fact– Following zero carbs diet creates a negative condition in the body by releasing ketones which leads to depletion of glycogen in the muscles & liver. This puts the liver under stress..also due to lack of glycogen, the brain feels tired & dull leading to low energy levels of the mind & body.

Myth– Eating protien mean puts stress on liver and producing uric acid

Fact– Uric acid is produced even with wheat flour oats , sugar even few vegetables…Protein is esential for general well being of the body..its good for muscle growth,connective tissue repair, for making red blood cell and white blood cells, making hormones, as well as to carry oxygen..

Myth-Fat make you obese

Fact– Fat is very impotant in diet to lose body fat because essential unsaturated fats like omega 3 omega 6 increase your metabolic rate and helps  your body lose fat..

Myth- Females will become muscular with weight training

Fact- The ratio of hormone levels varies in males and females..females have a higher level of estrogen becoz of which they cannot become muscular like men when they do weight training..weight training helps produce to hormones which bind your Alfa 2 receptors releasing some chemicals which help reduce fat faster…

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